Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Update

Well...Here's where I left off:

Saturday: We went to Martinton, IL to celebrate the last of the Christmas's with Dave's dad's side of the family. It was a lot of fun. We were able to see some aunts and cousins we don't regularly well as Dave's brother Mike and family. Laura (my sister-in-law) and I have always reigned as champions of euchre against Dave and Mike. For the first time in like 3 years, we lost a game. It was a sad moment for us, but the men were elated. That's OK. We won the second round. :-) We came home in time for Dave to jump in the car and head to work at the AEC.

Sunday: My keys got locked in the van since I am not used to leaving it parked outside (Dave has some projects going on in the garage right now). Dave had to drive home from setting up at church to come rescue us. Church on Sunday was great. A lot of people were returning after being gone for the holidays. It was so revitilizing to see a lot of our friends coming back and having church "fill" up again. Tony's sermon was about meeting with God and he referenced how Moses went into the tent of meeting every morning. He always took Joshua with him (training up) and when he would come out, he would be radiant because he had met with God. Tony challenged us to consider whether it is noticeable that we are "shining". Given my current spiritual state, I was ashamed to admit that was a big fat no. However, I am working hard to make some changes that will hopefully start letting some "shine" out again. When church was over, Kauffman, a friend of ours totally hung out with Noah who was all about him. I can't carry Noah for any length of time right now, but he LOVED Kauffy and played with him for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, we had lunch with Jonelly and Jess at Moes. Noah, was still in a pretty good mood and therefore was fairly well-behaved, which is always a perk. When we got home, both he and Dave took naps while I worked on some lifegroup stuff. Last night was fairly low-key. We didn't do a whole lot. I am trying to clean my house for the technician party that will be here on Tuesday.

Today: I am going to head to the grocery store here soon, then off to Jane's deli to try and get catering for tomorrow (nothing like the last minute to set my heartrate up. I only just found out that it was for sure "on" on now I am scrambling). The AEC is paying for it, so I have decided that I am not cooking. Then on to cleaning my house really well before tomorrow. Happy Monday everyone!


Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Tidbit of information:

If you get locked out of your car, try the following.

1. Call Dave who has the spare keyless entry. Tell him what happened.
2. Put the phone on speaker phone.
3. Have Dave hit the unlock button into the phone.

I have heard this works, though I have never tried it myself. It is, however, worth a shot!

Kim said...

Interesting...I may have to try that next time...