Monday, January 7, 2008

Thankful Monday?

When you're thankful, you're thankful...and I'm thankful. Today was spent madstyle planning and cleaning for the technician's party tomorrow. In the morning, things were starting to go down hill. Dave found out that he had to work overnight instead of being around to help me clean, my house was wrecked, and I still needed to place a catering order. Ryan W. totally came through and helped me get the catering ordered. His wife, Becky, was a wonderful support in just chatting on the phone and lending moral support throughout the day. Leah came over and REALLY cleaned my kitchen. I was a bit embarassed, but gratitude overwhlemed that. She helped out so much. She helped out even more by taking a few moments and praying for me to calm my anxious spirits. After she left, my neighbor Kandi offered to take Noah for a little bit so that I could finish cleaning. Since he hadn't taken a nap I wasn't sure how he would do, but apparently he did great...and I was so appreciative. It's so much easier cleaning house without someone "helping". When Dave came home he finished helping me clean and get most things set up. So, as far as tonight goes, I am calling it a night. It's 7:30 and my body aches a little bit, but its the kind of pain from a good hard days work. Doesn't mean that I still won't be going to bed by 8pm tonight though. :-) Atleast that's what I feel like doing. Thanks to all who stepped up and helped today. I couldn't have done it without you!

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