Saturday, January 12, 2008

A week in review:

I've decided to do a week in review in pictures. I finally got around to uploading them...

This here is the platter that we served on Tuesday. I used AEC money and got the food catered. Janes Deli and catering did an AWESOME job and even gave us this platter to use as a presentation at no extra charge. It was awesome. I took a picture because this will be the nicest looking thing that will probably ever come out of my kitchen. :-)

We've had some good family/marriage times this week. Below is a picture of Noah playing "Buster's Bugs" with Dave.
We've played fort and been silly. The tantrums have been minimal this week as Dave and I are really trying to find more interactive things for Noah to do instead of just telling him "No" all the time.
Dave and I have also had some good times to connect this week. He allowed me to buy the comforter and a new pair of shoes (I'm considering them my anniversary gift) this week. He prayed over me (unprompted) on Thursday night and that meant more to me than he could imagine. Consequently, since my emotional love bank has been being filled and I have felt appreciated, I am feeling much more easy going about him having guy time...I even encouraged it on Thursday. It still works in my benefit, since having time with the guys always brings him back more relaxed and happy to see me. It's a nice cyclical pattern. :-)
He also planned our getaway trip for next Friday. I am so excited. We are headed down to Indy just for the night. I am stoked to just have a night with just Dave, and a morning to sleep in before # 2 comes along. Speaking of #2, I'm starting to nest and getting excited for him to come along. I feel him kicking and moving all the time now. Noah even talks about the baby in mommy's belly. Basically, I ask him where the baby is and he points to my belly and says, "baby". It's pretty stinkin cute. We've finally got the nursery sort of back together after the sour milk incident where we had to pull up the carpet and replace some of the padding. Note to self- ALWAYS look for missing milk cups UNTIL YOU FIND THEM. Otherwise, they ferment in closets that you don't always go into and leave big stinky messes.
Dave works today and so Noah and I are trying to fill our day with activities to keep us busy. We don't love it when he has to work Saturday days...I'm sure neither does he. It makes for a long day away from one another. So, our plan is to head to the library and Blockbuster this morning (maybe sneaking in a quick visit to Daddy). Then after naptime, heading to the mall and that area to return some stuff and "play" just to break up the day a little bit. If you're around and bored, give me a call!

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