Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Bees

I feel as though this has been one of the busiest weeks I have had in awhile. Usually, I have mornings to chill with Noah, then after nap we get stuff done or I'll clean the house. This last week has been non-stop activity. First, there was the party, which took up all of Mon/Tue. Wednesday, Dave and I were super productive and got all the Christmas stuff down, he hung up his new cabinets in the garage (then cleaned it), ran to Target, shopped at the mall, and then he took me out to Applebees using the last of our giftcards. It was a nice day, just busy. Both Dave and I were really sore and tired when we got home. He and Noah crashed on the couch and watched "The Country Bears", while I finished some laundry and kept reorganizing the closet (my second project of the day). We were in bed by 8:45 last night.

This morning, Noah and I ran to Meijer for a few quick things. Then we are headed back to the mall to hang out with Becky. W. and River (Noah's best bud). My master plan is to iron all Dave's shirts during naptime...hopefully I'll still have the energy to do that.

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