Wednesday, January 23, 2008

God's presence

We had another awesome lifegroup last night. We are reading Naturally Supernatural...and the interesting part is, things are happening to people that are right in line with the chapters we are reading. People are opening their eyes for the holy spirit working, looking for opportunities, praying for people...It's really really cool to see. I was super encouraged when I left yesterday.

This morning, as I was reading my quiet time, I read about Jacob. He stole his birthright from Esau and then moved away. When he found out the Esau was coming to visit him, he became very scared thinking that Esau would indeed kill him. On his way out to meet Esau is when he wrestled with God. Going through my own wilderness the last few months, I often felt like Jacob...wrestling, but also wanting to be blessed. When he meets Esau, he is so surprised to see that he is greeted warmly. In our book, we are talking about obeying God first, and then watching the miracles happen. It takes a step of faith. It must have really taken a step of faith for Jacob to go out and meet Esau knowing that he faced the possibility of death or scorn. And yet, because of his obedience, God provided a miracle, and he was warmly greeted by his brother. I imagine Jacob heaved a sigh of relief after that. WHEW!

I met a girl on Sunday at church. Generally, I am pretty overwhelmed at the amount of new people that come in our doors. I don't like to walk up to big groups of unknowns and introduce myself. However, this girl was standing off by herself, and I decided to muster up my social skills and introduce myself. She actually seemed like a really nice person, a student at Purdue. I later followed up with an email inviting her to our girls night and lifegroup. I received her reply this morning. She commented that she had been in a socially akward situation and was praying to God at that moment that she wouldn't feel lonely or hurt and then I walked up and introduced myself. I'm just glad God was able to use me in that moment...and that I was willing to be obedient. It makes me wonder about the many missed opportunities I may have had for not being obedient to God's quiet leadings. Anyway, I was really encouraged by her email and it has spurred me on to keep meeting new people, and keeping my eyes open for those "God moments" because you never know what the story is behind a person I guess.


Kelsey said...

Hm...I seem to remember someone else you did that for...pretty much the main reason I came back to RVC a second time!

Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Kelsy -- :)

Kim -- Really, this whole inviting thing is like a gift from God! :) Thanks for the story about the girl on Sunday. THAT is encouraging! Maybe, she will come to the movie!

By the way, when and where is that movie??

Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Oh, I meant what is the exact show time and which theater in Lafayette... :)

Kim said...

It's at Wabash Landing around the 7pm hour...THey change the times that day, so I will have to check and send out an email to those who are going for the exact time.

Ann said...

How cool to be used by God...I'm so glad that God is the God of Abraham (father of many), Issac (laughter) and Jacob (the crooked one) 'cuz it means there is hope for me too :)

I'm still ??? for Friday...I need to talk to Patrick. We haven't finished is birthday celebration yet, and I'm bringing dinner to a friend.