Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday breakdown

Interpret that how you want. :-) It started out just fine. Noah and I had a pretty chill morning, but he took an early nap because he was kind of a crank. I got some emails out and read a book during nap time so I would not be cranky too. :-)

After naptime, the afternoon seemed to stretch on endlessly. Dave generally comes home around 2pm on Thursdays from Thorntown. Yesterday, (and today) he has a conference in Indy and he was gone until 6pm. By about 4pm, Noah and I decided to leave the house, despite the cold. We headed to Meijer where we got play dough, wonder-color markers and paper, and other craft projects to help get us through the next few wintery months. Noah threw a fit almost the whole time we were in Meijer and I about left the place in tears I was so frustrated.

When we came home, Dave was headed that way. I started making dinner, while I let Noah explore a little with play dough (which is completely new to him). Dave came home and made Noah's day. He's not used to not having daddy time since he is all about Dave right now. They played and played. Dave then helped me clean up the pre-mess for dinner and cleaned up afterwards (I was pleasantly surprised, but very grateful). We then decided to go get Noah's new fish tank...Let me explain. Dave got the bug to get Noah a fish tank for his room. Noah's really into "bishies" right now. We also need a night light resolution since all the outlets are covered for access to a little night light. Noah apparently just got a REALLY nice night light. We haven't bought the "bish" yet, as we wanted to let the tank settle in first.

After we put Noah down, Dave asked me if I wanted to chat about the communication seminar he had been to that day. Gee, talk with my husband about communication or watch "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"...tough decision...especially since he initiated the conversation. :-) Anyway, we sat down and he shared all the insights he had learned about how we communicate and how to effectively communicate. Let me just say that it was brilliant. I wanted to share this with all engaged couples, married, and yes, even singles because the information is so pertinent to wherever you are in life. It's really very interesting. I want to look over it again just to try and soak it up a bit more. Anyway, the end of the time consisted of Dave and I speaking into each other all the things that we appreciate about one another and who we want to be to the other. It was really powerful, very moving, and a great bonding experience as we sat on our couch and REALLY shared our hearts. Talk about a great connection. I'm pretty sure I'll remember last night for awhile, not because of whatever program we didn't watch on TV.

Today, Noah and I are going to brave the cold and go buy his fishies. I also have a few more errands to run before my parents get here this evening. Then, I am off to see 27 dresses with a great group of girls. I am totally looking forward to it!

Happy Friday!


Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Great news on the communication thing!

Bishie tips -- take em' or leave em' -- Tetras are very hearty! I had a slew of different tetra varieties for a while, and they lived in harmony for quite some time. Guppies and neons are also pretty good bishies. Try to make sure the bishies do not have ick or something like that before you put them in the tank. And... Float the little bag on the surface of the water to equilibrate the temperatures (30 min or so) before releasing them. Then, they do not go into shock and die.


Ann said...

Sounds like a good day, not the breakdown I was expecting! Congrats on the new night light, and that's great on the convo!

Melinda said...

So, God is seriously good. What a beautiful end to a breakdown day. I'm so glad we can see him again. :)