Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday- You know you are a mom when...

10) Your child starts gagging and you immediately stick your hand underneath to catch the puke.

9) You measure your days by how many diapers you change.

8) You watch more Playhouse Disney and Baby Einstein then you do "adult" TV.

7) Eating out (with kids) is like a game. You win if you get to say 3 adult sentences to your spouse in between trying to amuse your kid.

6) You know that sneezing is a whole new ball game after child birth.

5) You rarely go anywhere alone.

4) You feel as though the snot on your shirt only enhances the look.

3) Your house looks like it should be declared a red-cross disaster zone (even though you just cleaned it yesterday)

2) You talk with others about poop and other bodily functions with ease.

1) You get hugs, cuddles, and kisses from little bodies that know that you are indeed...mom.


Jen said...

I'm visiting from Ann's blog...I've had three kids and #6 made me laugh hard enough that I almost had trouble, well, you get the idea! Great list!

Ann said...

So true! I chuckled through your whole list :)

Melinda said...

Love it! :)