Saturday, January 26, 2008

Girl's Night

Last night, a large group of ladies from RVC (and some that are not) all went to see 27 Dresses at Wabash Landing Theater. It was a lot of fun despite the time mix-up and parking issues. There were a good 15-20 girls that all came to the movie. It was wonderful! I had a great time connecting and reconnecting with girls. Some, I see on Sunday every week, but don't get a chance to talk to anymore. Some, I didn't know all that well to begin with, so it was fun doing a social, non-church, activity with them. I also got a chance to know the other mom that came, Monica. Her daughter is just a little older than Noah. They have been coming to RVC for awhile now, I just only see them on crazy Sunday mornings. I sat next to her at the movie and she went with us to grab coffee afterwards. Coffee, now that's a hoot.

Mind you, I haven't REALLY been on a college campus in a few years now...especially on a Friday night. So, here I am 7 months pregnant, in my purple coat, trying to find this silly coffee shop...yep, I blend. I passed the Hookah bar/lounge/ whatever. Now, that's an interesting place. It looks like legalized bongs where everyone (yes) pays to inhale flavored smoke. Interesting. Now, this may be attractive to some people (the place was pretty full), but its really not my bag of tea. I like fresh, clean, air. Tobacco is still tobacco, even if it smells like dutch apple. But hey, to each their own. I digress. I finally get ahold of my friend Tiffany who comes out and leads me to the warmth of the coffee house. It was actually a lot of fun. Not all the girls went, but there were a few college girls, Jonelly, Monica, and myself. It was nice to just sit around and chat without having to (insert your preferred choice) chase a child, brew coffee, run computers, be on worship, work kid's church, meet the 200 new people, try to not snub the rest of the people you know all in a 15 minute period. I got to learn a little more about these women, and had a really really nice time. Yea, for girl's night!

We gotta do stuff like this more often. :-)


Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Props for getting the evite together! That was a GREAT idea! I love those evite things! :)

Great movie. Great company.

Still, I am amazed at how whenever women get together there is a "too much information" type topic discussed. You know how much I "love" those...

Dana said...

Great to meet you last night Kim! Thanks for letting Jonell extend the invite for the girl's night out to us :)

Ann said...

Great job! Wish I could have been there :)