Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Thank you for your prayers, they were felt. Everyone seemed to sleep OK last night. Dave said he at least had a better night than the one before, although did wake up a few times. I cried out to God around 11:30pm begging for a break from the pain so that I could at least fall asleep...The next thing I know, it's 7am and Noah is starting to rouse. That was another miracle. Lately, he's been waking at around 5ish in a coughing fit and then needs to be recomforted to fall back asleep...and is restless until he finally wakes up at 7. This morning, I didn't hear him at all until 7.

In other great news, I was able to talk with my other doctor who is allowing me to take penicillin for my toothache. It's not the one my dentist wants me to take, but it should offer me SOME relief...and frankly, anything along those lines will be welcomed at this point.

So, thank you for your prayers. The plans today are to take things VERY easy and relax on the homefront. Dave and Noah have already watched Handy Manny and I managed to lay down for a little bit as well. Dave is currently resting on the couch (which is an improvement from not being able to leave bed yesterday) and is at least able to SEE Noah, which I know that he enjoys. He misses his kiddo.

I'm reading Power Healing right now, which talks about divine healing. Last night, I truly felt it...the break that I needed to rest...Lately, I have been asking God to break me so that I could truly feel Him again. Last night, I truly was at my breaking point...and when I cried out to God, He answered by taking the pain away for a time. In doing so, He also restored my faith that He truly does care and desires healing...something I had honestly been struggling with for a little while. It's so reassuring to know that He doesn't long for us to suffer or to stumble alone. He is always there. His healing was not just physical, it was spiritual too. He truly is a great God. Amen.


Mindy said...

So glad that you're feeling a little better all around. Enjoy the time to relax, and we'll keep praying for ya

Brother Marty said...

Your post was especially touching to me as I seek God's comfort now. May He continue to work in you.
Bless you for your faithfulness.