Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prayers Needed

Dave has the stomach flu...he has been completely laid up for the last 24 hours...It's the beginning of a few days of not working, but I know that there are much better things that he would rather be doing than laying in bed. He is miserable and in a lot of pain.

I have had a horrible toothache the last 4-5 days. It encompasses the entire right side of my mouth both top and bottom and is excruciating. I have been popping tylenol like its candy and applying anbesol to the max dose recommended...and still have yielded minimal relief. I went to the dentist today. I have an infection in my back tooth and ultimately need a root canal. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances...antibiotics have to be put on hold as does the root canal. Leaving me hurting and miserable and unable to really eat.

To top the night off, Noah went to bed and promptly threw up everything he had eaten all day. As I was stripping off his sheets, I just began to cry...it just became overwhelming. Summer called and prayed for our family, which has really helped my equilibrium. I just ran to Meijer to get Dave some meds and ran into our pastor (what are the odds at 9:30pm?). Again, that was encouraging.

Please be praying for speedy healing and a reduction of pain all around...as well as protection for Noah so that he doesn't get what Dave has. Thanks guys. Here's praying for a good nights rest for everyone.

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Ann said...

We have it too...it hit Patrick and I today.

Lord, we ask you to send your Holy Spirit to be with Dave, Kim and Noah. Heal their bodies and make them whole.