Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Monday

I LOVE that it is raining today. We have needed it so badly...and its a nice change from the stifling humidity and blazing sun we have been facing (in the dead of winter, remind me that I said that!). Noah and I have had a low key morning. He threw up in his crib and got to take another bath this morning, which he loves. Then, when Dave got home, we all took afternoon naps. Noah had to be convinced that this was in fact, a great idea. After awhile he gave up and succommed to sleep...hallelujah! That meant I could nap too! Dave is still sleeping (he worked overnight last he is allowed).

My new phone came in today. I finally broke down and got a Motorola Razor when we have had to replace my last phone TWICE in less than a year because it has broken. (This is #3) Dave, who has the same phone as I once did, is having problems, but (for the moment) can at least still use it. My screen went completly white and so I couldn't see anyone calling nor could I call out. But, alas. I now have a lime green razor. It seems to be a more lasting phone based on the people around me who own here's hoping it at least lasts the year until we can renew again!
Anyway, its been a nice relaxing day, and the rain can be soothing at times. Now, I'm off to go entertain my snotty kid. :-)

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Mindy said...

rain is fun when you aren't walking to class in it, or walking 3 blocks to your car. I went through 4 outfits today, total outfits including underwear. The land needed the rain, but it foiled my effort to look pretty on the first day of school