Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was so happy to wake up to "less" humid/hot weather. Although it warmed a lot, at least it was not as unbearable as the last few days. Noah and I even played outdoors for a little bit today. He is going through this frustrating stage of tantrums and fits that is driving Dave and I crazy. He's been in time-out a few times and will for the most part (thankfully)respond when Dave or I say, "Noah. That's enough"...It's just that we feel that we say it every 15 minutes. I have come to live for nap/bed times just to have a little reprieve. I realize that he is probably a little bored since its been too hot to really play outside for any long period of time. We took him to the community center pool yesterday in hopes of draining some energy from him. It worked for a little bit.

Today, Dave and I examined the park and tried cleaning off some of the vandelism off the play equipment. We got the swear words off, but there is white spray paint everywhere and they broke the picnic table. I mean, come on...can you find nothing better to do than destroy community property? Seriously.

We met up for dinner with friends from Champaign, Jordan and Nikki Arseneau and their brand new son Cam...He's super cute with a head full of hair. We ate at Chilis...and we have come to the realization that restaurants and Noah (at this age) are just not a good combination. Anything that takes longer than 15 minutes just won't cut it these days...unless we go without him. Dave and I spent most of the time corralling. I ended up with food all over me and a fork jabbed in my ear (on accident...and long story...but not altogether pleasant). Dave had to entertain/reprimand Noah every 5 seconds. It was hard to have adult conversation.

However, here we the end of the day, and I still wouldn't give him up. I realize that this "training" that we are all going through is a prelude...and that now is the time to teach Noah the right way to handle things such as frustration, and yes, even boredom. It's hard to believe that we have to start this so early, but I guess there is no time like the present. And hopefully, as the battle of wills continues, Dave and I will emerge as victors and present a son that is respectful and responsible to the world. (imagining Noah and Dave wrestling on the floor and it kind of makes me chuckle).

Lord, thank you for the responsibility that you have given raise this child into a man that loves and knows you, and that respects himself and others. Help us along the way Lord. Give us strength through the journey. Thank you for the joy you have brought to us through our son and help us to continue to lead him in straight paths.

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