Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Calvin

Have you ever read Calvin and Hobbes? We have a Calvin and Havilah is our Rosalyn...the babysitter that has to have advances to ever come back again.

Calvin is a troublemaker and drives his parents crazy, thus the dire need for a night out. Today, Noah has climbed up on the kitchen table and splattered milk EVERYWHERE, then fell in it. It took Dave and I quite a bit of time to clean it up. He has played in the toilet...before the flushing. He somehow managed to pull his dresser over on himself again. He bit mommy on the arm and got in big trouble. He poured water on the foyer, then promptly fell in it...among various minor indiscretions like climbing on coffee tables, grabbing cell phones/remotes, and hitting the dog. Aaaaaaarrrrggghh! It was literally one thing after another without breaks. Dave and I love our kid, but we have to get out...

Enter Rosalyn (Havilah). She has kindly offered her night to watch our child. I pray to God that he doesn't tie her up or lock her out or any of the other things that the real Calvin likes to do to his babysitters. We like Havilah and would like to keep her as a friend and a lets hope he's good and that Dave and I have a nice night out. Havilah is great with kids...she can hold her own...we hope!


Kim said...

For the record...Havilah said that Noah was very good for her and fell asleep at 7pm...We must have really worn him out the rest of the day...:-)

Ann said...

What a day!!! Isn't it funny how they're better for other people than for you?