Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Parenting is a mix of good moments and harder ones. Yesterday, Noah was an angel. He played well. Listened well. Was silly and carefree. He didn't get into things he wasn't supposed to. Today, well...a slightly different story. So far (and it's 11am) He has splashed in not one, but both toilets, emptied the dog food all over the kitchen floor, climbed up on the coffee table twice, tried turning off the computer, and pulled out the inner bag of the diaper genie. How he did this last one, I'm not entirely sure. As I am trying to painstakingly stuff the bag back in (it's expensive and I didn't want to waste it), he splooshed his hands again in the toilet. You must be wondering if I am bad mother for not watching him better. As it happened, I was cleaning up one thing, he would run on to another before I could intervene. The imp. However, now he is (blessedly) taking a nap and it gives me a few minutes to run damage control before round 2 starts up. Perhaps this afternoon we will have to find more positive outlets for his energy...maybe the pool or the park. But, even when he's being a pain in the butt, my love for him never waivers....although my frustration level does. :-)

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