Monday, August 13, 2007

Great Prayer

Tonight we had a lifegroup leaders meeting. Dave and I will soon be leading a lifegroup. Tonight we got an opportunity to meet with other leaders and halp finalize thoughts and plans for our group. We also got to pray for one another. I got rockstar prayer. I love that. I have been feeling dry and lacking passion for awhile. I have really been desiring more of this in my life. As people were praying, Patrick had the song, "More love, More Power" on his heart for me...It was a perfect fit. I have been needing to connect during worship and after tonight's prayer, I have a feeling that listening to that song will have a completely different feel for me now then it did before. I just love feeling the Holy Spirit and the peace that comes over you when people pray...It was just what I needed.
Thanks to Ann for watching Noah so that we were able to really receive tonight. Afterwards we had our first experience at the Silver icecream shop. We went with the Taylors and Tony and had a great time. I love great community.


Ann said...

Glad tonight was refreshing! It was fun to hang out at the Silver Dipper (that's such a funny name to me--the college bar that burned down here was called the Silver Dollar). It was fun hanging with Noah at the library--it brought me back a few years :)

the rockstar said...

I got the email. I replied. Good times will be had! :)