Thursday, August 23, 2007

Attitude Check...Praise the Lord!

Yesterday, I met with Tiffany S. We try to meet weekly and discuss life. We are reading "Power Healing" right now and it fostered some good discussions yesterday. For instance, I really like how John Wimber talks about his own follies on his Christian journey. He is very honest about the mistakes he made along the way and the need for God to infiltrate his life and lead him in the right paths. It made me think about where I am REALLY at in my walk. The past few months I have felt very much in a spiritual crisis of sorts...trying to determine where I really am in my walk and where my passions really lie. One of the things Tiffany and I talked about yesterday was how our attitude reflects our walk with Jesus...and how our spiritual walk and physical lives are so entwined. Weeks that I am walking soundly with matter what happens (money issues, messy people, things to "worry" about) I handle them so much better. They don't seem insurmountable, my heart responds in a godly manner and the crises are not so much crises...because I am really trusting in God. Then take a week where my walk is not so great...I get angry and bitter at people for taking advantage of me, EVERYTHING is a big deal and deserves crisis status, nothing goes right, everything goes wrong. My attitude clearly does not reflect someone who is walking faithfully with the Lord. Unfortunately, I find myself exhibiting more of the latter. So, in our talks yesterday, when this became apparent, I realized that I needed to do something about that. Really, what I needed to do was surrender myself to God one more time and allow Him to rearrange my heart and priorities. We had an amazing time of prayer where I really felt the presence of Jesus clearly. One of the visions during that prayer time was of a horse with blinders...fixing their eyes on Jesus and not being able to focus on the peripheral things that weren't important. Jesus was the driver and he lead the horse to still waters. God is in control and wants good things for us, if we only surrender to Him. I felt a lot of peace and hope afterwards. It will take some discipline to redefine how I think and respond to issues, but I am confident that with Jesus driving, it is possible. Now, as my friends, I ask you to hold me accountable, and if I begin to complain and talk about how everything is going wrong, remind me to surrender to God..and seek more of Him. In closing, I am remembering a high school youth group cheer..."Attitude check? PRAISE THE LORD!"

Lord, thank you for showing me how to get back to You. Thank you for revealing areas that need to be addressed, and for not leaving me in the pit. As we continue reading this book, I pray that You would reveal more of yourself...I am hungry Lord...please fill me!

P.S. As an you find it interesting that this is also the lesson I will be teaching to the kiddos this upcoming Sunday? Perhaps God really wants me to take it to the bank this week...

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