Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm weary. The events of the last few months seem to be catching up with me and taking their toll. I've been exhausted lately and having a hard time doing the things that need to be done, let alone all the things that I want to get done. I don't have the energy. I'm feeling melancholy, and sometimes sad. I couldn't figure out why I've just been so doggone tired lately. I was talking to my close friend and prayer partner about it today, and she came up with the word "weary"...and I started crying, because that just about sums it up. I'm just plain weary...for oh so many reasons.

Lord, I give my weariness to you. Help me to cut back where I need to and find some rest in you again. Help me not to worry about things that I can't change and all the other things that I feel deserve my "worry". Help me to just surrender everything to you in prayer...and go from there. I need you to fill me back up and make me useful again. I'm pretty empty here. Thanks. I love you God.


Ann said...

Any mom of two kids ages 2 and under deserves to be weary :) And even if you're not struggling with the issues going on at church right now (and especially if you are), it creates an extra layer of weariness... it's good that you know where to take that weariness...
from another very weary mom :)

Smileyface said...

*HUGS* to you friend....i know exactly how you feel....and i will be lifting you up in prayer ;)
hang in there mama.