Friday, September 19, 2008

A good day

The morning started with some awesome garage sales in Brookston. I managed to buy a brand new top, with tags, for me and a brand new shirt and dress for Callie among some pants for Noah and another shirt and nice pair of jeans for me. (Whew...I'm sure that was a run-on sentence!).

My friend Abby came over to play mid-afternoon. She has a daughter that's close in age to Callie. We had a great time playing and letting the girl's play (Noah ate lunch and then took a nap). It's fun because Callie and Kate are starting to interact (touching each other's arms, faces and smiling at one another). I hope that they can continue to be good friends.

Tonight, Dave took Noah in the bike to the park. Callie and I followed in the stroller. We then decided to go putt-putt golfing. Noah is starting to understand the nuances a little better, but he doesn't have much patience for the game. We ate at Subway for dinner and then came home. Dave and I are both exhausted. Callie's already down. We just need to get Noie down before we crash.

It's been a REALLY nice day. It's one of those days you want to take a mental picture of. Though nothing extraordinary happened...the beauty was in the smaller moments.

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Elizabeth said...

what a fun day! we have never taken brigham putt putting.. I bet he would love it!
yay for scores at the garage sales!!