Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh, where to start? Well, I lost my patience this morning. I think that it's off at the spa relaxing, which is where I would like to be. However, my day has consisted of a cranky 5 month old, and a commentary-giving-whiny-destructive-in-your-face-constantly-asking-questions-two year old. I must be coming down with the cold that has plagued my kids because I really don't feel awesome. You know the stuffy-head-don't-have-the-energy-to-walk-across-the room-could-lay-curled-up-in-bed-all-day cold. I'm going to see how many more times I can use dashes in my sentences...because that would really just make this blog so much cooler. :-)

Anyway, dramatic emphasis aside, the day has not been all bad. When I was ready to lose it, we headed to the park where the fresh air eased my senses and Noah was able to use up some energy. It's been a fairly quiet evening. At the end of the day, I still consider myself to be pretty stinking blessed. I have a great husband, great kids, and a welcoming home. Life is good.

Speaking of life being good...I have had some fairly cool experiences. I prayed for a friend of mine who is just finishing her first trimester. They couldn't detect a heartbeat and since she has known the pain of miscarriage before, she was (understandably) upset. I was able to pray with her before they did an ultrasound to determine if the baby was OK and then spent some time after I hung up continuing to pray for her. My prayers flittered around life and health for the baby, a fluke in finding the heartbeat, peace for my friend, etc. It was an intense hour. I ended up driving over to meet her and try and offer support. By the time I had arrived, she was walking out, smiling, with sonogram pictures in her hand...the baby was OK...better even, because it was dancing around in there. As we have faced so many friends having miscarriages and suffering trials with babies recently, it was nice to be able to pray for someone in this area and receive the answer that we both desired. Thank you God for healthy babies.

Another fun thing is that Dave and I are doing premarital for another couple in our church. Through the process we have really connected on a deeper level in our own marriage. It's been nice to be able to take the time and chat about all those "big" issues...and it's healthy too.

I had to pause mid-blog to go take care of Noah who coughed so much, he puked. You would think this would really gross me out, but alas no. Both our kids have really active gag-reflexes. They cough, they puke. I've learned to adapt...and pray that they'll grow out of it someday. Their poor spouses. :-)

This entry is really getting silly since I've had to come back to it about 3 different times. I should probably just sign off. I'm headed to Martinton tomorrow to see Dave's side of the family. Mike and Laura will be there with their kids (who are all within months of our two). It should be fun. To close, I will leave you with my favorite picture of the summer. It was taken while we were in Chicago. Cheers. :-)

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LOL! I LOVE the picture!