Sunday, September 14, 2008

What the cat dragged in...

A frog. Yep, sure did. It's been raining a ton, and we live on a pond so it's not beyond one's imagination. Marmaduke has become an indoor/outdoor cat and had been in and out most of the afternoon. All of a sudden, Dave walked into the kitchen and there was Marm with his "toy" a poor three inch frog laying on it's back, probably cowering in fear. Dave picked it up, rescued it (by tossing it back out into the yard), and I disinfected the kitchen floor (ew, gross).

In other news, Noah is sick. I found this out because as he was in kid's church this morning, he just laid on the floor or with his head on the table when I came in to feed Callie. I finally decided to pull him from kid's church because this was not normal behavior for him. He fell asleep on me in big church and I just snuggled with him, praying over him, but also enjoying being able to comfort my big boy.

Noah, Callie, and I (for a change) all took naps this afternoon. I'm not sure what Dave did, maybe watched football...but I let him sleep in an extra two hours this morning, so it was fair that I got to nap this afternoon.

Now, I'm making ham and homemade mac n cheese...a good rainy day meal. There goes the timer. Have a good night.


Smileyface said...

yuck! frogs are so gross! did noah get to see it?
our kids are sick too....sad day.

Elizabeth said...

oh, that is too funny about the frog!we have had the same one( I think) living on our back porch for 3 years! our dog and cat just hang with him in the evenings!
poor lil dude, I saw him kinda just hanging on you up front.. and was thinking, he was like asleep with his eyes open!!
hope he gets feeling better.. though I love them when they're all cuddly, like that!