Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The case of the whiners

Truthfully, I don't know where they get it from (Just don't talk to my dad). Both Noah and Callie, thankfully, slept through the night. However, upon waking this morning, found 101 things to whine about. I still think they are feeling a wee bit under the weather, thus the "whines". Somewhere along the morning, I managed to throw my back out carrying one of the kids. I decided (as I was stooped over looking at the floor) that I probably needed to see the chiropractor today. And, while I was out, I would run my other necessary errands and be productive. Well, I was productive...but I paid the price.

Thankfully, the ladies at the chiropractor place know me (and one has two kids of her own) so they have grace on Callie is screaming, Noah drops a load, and I am trying to get my aching back adjusted. I try to change Noah (while one of the ladies gracefully holds Callie) only to find I have no wipes...I had to improvise. Then, I had to get the kids (who are now both screaming/whining) into the van...nurse Callie, pacify Noah, and try not to break a sweat. Meanwhile, my back is still pretty sore.

I ran my other errand successfully and thought, "I really need to go to Meijer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get all our errands done this morning. Then we wouldn't have to go back out again unless we wanted to!". Famous. Last. Words. Noah, whined and carried on the whole time. Callie harmonized. By the time I got home and was carrying in groceries, I was so happy to see Dave was home on a lunch break. I applied the divide and conquer approach and now the kids are both taking really great naps. I have managed to clean the house up a bit and my goal is to maybe...just maybe steam clean the carpets today. Ambitious? Yes, I know. At this rate, I might just settle for vacuuming, but a girl can dream can't she?

The weather is beautiful outside, I have found some much needed solace, and my house is slowly but surely getting cleaner. For some reason, a clean house equals harmony for me. Not that I achieve it often, but on the rare times that I do...I like to revel in it for the full five minutes that it stays that way.

Anyway, can't complain too much...I have great kids and I definitely enjoy my time with them. Besides, there is a certain euphoria when you are productive and can get a bunch of errands done. It's like small victories. I'm not one to turn down victories of any size. On that note, have a great day, while I try to reign in victory over my house.


The Rock Star said...

Cute photo! :)

Christy said...

Kim, I can so relate! Sometimes, when the "monsters" are visiting, I wonder where in the world they've put my sweet little kids! Good luck with the house cleaning, I'm doing the same today - along with laundry and mowing and regular day to day we moms ever get a break? I agree that I'll settle for the victories no matter how small.

Smileyface said...

Thank you for that wisdom to stick in my pocket: Settle for the small victories....Good stuff.

The whining syndrome was at our house full force this past thing it's come and go and not here constantly.

Ann said...

We have emerged from whining...into tormenting each other. I'm not sure which is worse. The picture is very sweet! Glad you had some victories too :)

Melinda said...

What a great picture!

Kelsey said...

Love the picture--they are both growing so fast!