Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, we kicked off our new lifegroup tonight. As always, when starting a new venture, I get really nervous...because it's an unknown. After I got over the initial case of the jitters and took a breath, it went pretty well. All we did were icebreakers this evening. It was just a chance for people to get to know one another. We're still trying to find a permanent place to have group (and childcare). So, we're just hoping everyone has grace on us as we try and get this group of the ground. Aside from all that, I'm excited for the possibilities...and praying that God continues to give us what we need to be effective leaders in this area.

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Ann said...

Glad your group went well! We've had good luck with the adults at the church office and the kids at the library or playground, but our kid demographic might be a little older :)