Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy (Great) Weekend

Wow, there is so much that happened this weekend...let me attempt to fill you in.

Friday: Mom Y. came to watch the kids while Dave and I attended our friend's wedding. It was a blast. It was in town and there were a bunch of our church friends there. We all had a great time. The song that they danced their first dance to was "Come what May" from Moulin Rouge. This was the song that Dave and I listened to right after we got engaged. We toyed with it as our wedding song, but for some reason vetoed it. I wish now that we hadn't...It was such a great song to dance well as a great song for a marriage. The wedding was beautiful and we are so happy for our friends. Congratulations!!

Saturday: In the morning, I helped teach Learning to Minister like Jesus (our prayer ministry class). I was pretty nervous, but on the whole it went alright. I have to remember to have grace on myself as I have not done public speaking in over 2 years. I hope I get the chance at it again now that I know what it felt like. I would definitely make some revisions. :-)

In the afternoon, Dave and I went to see the movie Fireproof. It's a Christian movie by the same people that did Facing the Giants. This one is about fireproofing your marriage. Dave and I really enjoyed it, and recommend it. If nothing else, we like supporting those movies in the theaters so that they keep coming. Let's put it this way, with absolutely no tv-previews, the entire theater was packed! Dave and I had to sit in the very first row and got a neck cramp...but there was only a few seats left in the theater and hardly any of them were together. If you're married, it's a good one to see with your hubby.

We then took mom and dad out for dinner to thank them for watching both kids all weekend (dad came later on Friday night). We are so appreciative of them being willing to hang with our brood all weekend. Afterwards, they went home and Dave and I took the kids for an evening stroll before bedtime.

Sunday: Dave worked all day today. I went to church with the kids this morning. Afterwards we had the church's 2 year birthday party at Happy Hollow Park. It was a lot of fun. I'm so thankful to my church family for helping me with the kids. Kauffman took turns watching Noah so I could eat. We have a great group of young men at our church. Whenever I come without Dave, there is always one of them that comes and grabs Callie so I don't have to lug her. It's the same with the other mom's who are toting 2 or more kids. They just come along and help out. It's terrible, but I now always just look for one of them now when it's time for me to leave. I'm not kidding...all they have to see is that I am getting ready to go, and they will come and grab one of the kids. I keep telling them to wait 20 years and I would let any of them marry Callie. Dave and I talk about it often. It's nice to have godly young men and women in our church to help influence our kids. Alot of the young college guys really love playing with Noah. We love it because they are good godly men that can pour into our son. We love it for Callie because it shows her the kind of guys that there are out there and those that are worth waiting for.

Noah's been a doll today. Callie's been a bit fussy. Both kids are in bed now and Dave just got home for the evening. I think it's time for me to wind down after a fun-filled weekend.

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mjvan said...

Sounds like a busy weekend but fun!