Monday, September 8, 2008

No sleep make Noahs cranky.

It's been one of those mornings. A dear friend who is trying to get into photography offered to do a photo shoot on my kiddos. She originally came over to our house a week or so ago. Noah was rotten and would have nothing to do with pictures. Callie was a ham. So, we got lots of good ones of Callie. Well, then we decided to try it at her house, which would be a change of scenery for Noah, hoping that would didn't. He got only 8 of the 11 hours he normally banks last night (long story)...and so therefore was in rare form this morning. What's worse is that I usually end up feeling like a rotten parent by the end of it. I was trying not to come down on Noah too hard since I actually wanted him to smile for pictures, and I also had my hands full with Callie, so I felt at such a loss as to how to properly handle the supposedly fun situation. Thankfully, my friend's husband, who was home that day intervened and helped out with Noah a little bit. Noah is definitely in a daddy phase and apparently any daddy will do today. We didn't get him smiling in any of them, but he at least sat for a few minutes. He was SO tired by the time we left, both my kids passed out in the car. I stopped by DQ for a much needed blizzard (I think my friend and her hubby deserve one as well for all their efforts this morning) and came home. Noah only took an hour nap, and is now fighting going back down, although he is clearly still very tired.

The long story from before: Remember I said that Noah was a puker? It takes next to nothing for it to happen. I really don't associate it with him being sick anymore because of the frequency. Anyway, we had a meeting at church last night where Noah got sneaky and somehow managed to sneak 3 brownie bites. (Dave and I were at opposite ends of the room as he went back and forth between the two of us. It wasn't until I noticed that he kept having one in his hand that I ran over to Dave and asked how many he had had on his watch and compared it to how many he had had on being 3) Dave then headed off to watch the Colt's at a friend's house (which we had agreed upon earlier) while I took the over-tired babes home to bed. Well, Noah started running around chasing the dog and laughing hysterically while I am trying to cajole a crying Callie. I finally got her settled and then got Noah settled in bed. He started coughing from the exertion, and then..well, do you really need me to say it? So, I stuck him in the bath, changed his sheets, put him back to bed, started to do the laundry to wash his sheets when out he pops again...situation repeated. Have mercy. I only have two sets of sheets for his bed, so we stripped it again and put on a queen size set to get us through the night. He finally went to bed around 10:30 when all of this was said and done. That's why at 6:30 this morning when he popped in and said, "Noie all done night night", I thought..." sure aren't." However, Dave was up for work and even though he put him back to bed, Noah popped back out a few minutes later...thus leading us to the above events of the morning. Here's the final straw...he only took an hour nap. I am now fighting with him to lay back down again because he is whiny and cranky. He needs a lot more sleep than what he has gotten. What mommy wouldn't give for a nap...but I will say the blizzard did have a positive impact on my mood. So, here we go.

A BIG thanks to my friend for putting up with my cranky brood. They truthfully are not always like this...I promise.


Smileyface said...

ahhh, we were so thankful when gabe got outa this pueky was no fun. now we are getting ready to switch him to a twin bed...we've been pushing it off for too long...hopefully it goes well.

Ann said...

What is it about kids, that the more they NEED sleep, the more they fight it?? (Henry is currently out of bed, AGAIN, because of thunder...)

Elizabeth said...

oh, pla-eeze!! they were not terrible in the least. its just the age... you forget I have one that went thru that.. and now he's on to something else. they do things on their terms. I am going to research a bit, and see what I am doing wrong... I should be able to get moving targets better...LOL
I just feel really awful, that I wasn't able to get some of them together. we'll see what a couple months does and maybe out doors w/ daddy?