Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yesterday was a great family day. We spent the morning cleaning cars (washing, waxing, steam cleaning the interior, etc). Noah enjoyed playing outside. Then we went to Jane's Deli for lunch. It's a little local restaurant that our friend Ryan works at. Great food. Afterwards, Noah napped and Dave and I continued with the cleaning of the vehicles.

Dave was supposed to go to an optional meeting last night, but instead opted to hang with us. :-) We went mini golfing, got Monicals and ate it at Columbian Park, went to the zoo (for like 15 minutes before it closed) and then played at the park. It was a full evening, but a LOT of fun! Noah crashed hard afterwards. I love spending time with my family.

This morning, Noah is in rare form and at 8:30 put himself back to bed after being in time out for awhile and throwing a couple of major fits. When he gets beside himself and can't pull it together, I really don't mind him going back and laying down. Frankly, I need the time-out myself so I don't lose it before 9am.

We have a full day today: Lunch with Sheena, dentist appt, and dinner with the Pools. I'm looking forward to all these events (minus the dentist).

Still no stroller. It was theoretically supposed to be shipped yesterday, but I have not received a tracking notice. I think they are getting tired of me calling/emailing them because I was sent an email that politely told me "We'll let you know when it gets shipped. You don't need to keep pestering us!". Politely of course. Not that my calling will make anything happen faster, I just want my dang stroller that I ordered a month ago! Sheesh. I have anxiously been checking my email for the tracking notice. Now? How bout now? Has it come yet?! Come on people!

Well, off to get some chores done while Noah is taking his morning snooze (perhaps his biological schedule is changing and he is switching to morning naps? He has napped quite a bit in the mornings lately...hmmmm)

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Laura said...

i hear ya about the tantrums...thankfully we havne't had too many in public yet...i dread that....but we've had plenty at home ;) *sigh* the terrible twos...they all told us to beware!