Friday, May 9, 2008


Wednesday: Great day with Dave at home. He had a meeting with some doctors, then I met with Tony and received some more vision. Meanwhile, Dave and Noah finished scouting out patio sets. We sold off ours at our garage sale and decided to upgrade this summer. This has been somewhat of an ordeal since the original one that we were looking at (and were told that it was in stock) was not in stock and they weren't getting anymore. We ended up going with our second choice, which seeing it set up...I love. We had our friends, Frank and Sheena over for dinner that night. They are also our lifegroup interns so we spent some time and planned out lifegroup for the next month or so. That was great to have a plan in place. :-)

Thursday: Dave worked in the morning and I went to the gym. My first time since having Callie. I definitely worked up a sweat. Dave came home around 2ish. We dropped Noah off at our neighbors house to play with her daughters while Dave and I did some birthday shopping for Noah. It was fun. I think we are doing a truck/construction zone theme. That's what his cake is and we ended up getting some yellow "Bob" construction hats for the kids. Dave is the mastermind behind this project. I'm just along for the ride and to get the house cleaned.

Friday: We totally hit some great garage sales this morning. I have been needing some Noah clothes for the summer/fall. I found quite a bit for really great prices this morning. A lot of it is bigger (3-4T) but he'll grow into it for the price I paid. :-) I also found some great little girl clothes for Callie at the same garage sale. Super cute and great prices. Our other great buy was at a sale where all their DVD's were $1...we got about 6 of them. It was wonderful! Then, we went to the bank to set up Callie's savings account. I sat in the car with the kids...It ended up taking over 30 minutes. The kids were about ready to declare mutiny, but instead they punished me by alternating tears during that time. Now, everyone is resting. I need to be cleaning, but I think I may allow myself a bit of rest too. Dave works tonight, so I have the whole night to finish cleaning. I just need to make sure that Dave finishes his "chores" before he leaves for work. :-) Mainly, hanging up a ton of stuff that has been on hold until he has had's the day though.


Emily said...

Let me know when we can hang out about lifegroup. We'd love to be in the loop too! :)

Melinda said...

I'd love to be in the loop too... :) Are we ever going to be friends again? Hope the party was a smashing success! I missed you!