Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm feeling gripy with the amount that I need to do and my kids instead of giving into that...I feel the need to make a list of things that I am thankful for:

1) A great family. I have two healthy kids, and a great husband. What more could I want?

2) RVC- I love our church and all that it represents. I love that it is a place where people who are broken or skeptic can come and experience Jesus in a powerful way. I love that people are being baptized and that there are people stepping up to help carry the load (those two don't necessarily go was just my thought process...)

3) Our lifegroup. We had close to 30 people at our party this last week. Many people invited friends and it was incredible how many people showed up. It is such a great group of people whom we love doing life with. I know that others are not exactly in the same position, so I am thankful that our lifegroup is one where I can go to when I have issues that I need pray for.

4) Double Stroller and sling: 2 things that I just purchased online. I will be thankful if they come soon! :-)

5) Garage Sale: Even though it's crazy and chaotic it will be nice to purge ourselves of unnecessary stuff.

6) The beautiful weather today. It's going to be a nice day. Dave called on his break from work and I think we are either going to the park or putt-putt golfing when he gets home. Yea! We haven't seen much of him the last few days because he has been working long hours and sleeping in between. He suggested it, so I think that he wants to see us as much as we want to see him. :-)

7) Naptime. One of the best times of my day. Not that I don't enjoy my kids, but its nice for everyone to be able to rest a little while.

8) That I am healthy and able to do housework even though I don't like to do it.

I am feeling a little better now. :-)


Laura said...

you echo my heart sister!
smiles and hugs**** we hava double stroller and use it often! a great garage sale bargain from last fall...although i'm getting a real workout from pushing it ;)

Ann said...

Hey! We have a double stroller if yours takes the scenic tour...obviously not using it!