Monday, May 5, 2008

Our day

I am enjoying my time with this little munchkin. We took the big munchkin to the Children's Museum today with some new friends that we have made: Jamie and her son Andy who is 2 as well. The boys got along really well. Since I still don't have my Joovy stroller for the duo, we let the boys walk. Thank goodness for Jamie! She did a great job corraling them! They were pretty pooped by the time we left. It was a really nice day. Dave has had to work both days-all day. We haven't gotten to see much of him. So it was nice to get out and do something productive. Noah has been trying with not listening well and smothering Callie. I am thankful that he likes her so much, but he is getting pretty bold (and not exactly gentle) in his attempts to hold her. I don't mind so much that he wants to hold her, as much as I don't want him to do it without me.


Kelsey said...

So cute pics!

Laura said...

will say prayers for you but kinda glad our child isn't the only one listening well right now...i know that others go thru it but it's good to hear in the season we're in that i'm not alone!
you have such a dolly! ellie still doesn't have as much hair as callie!

mjvan said...

sounds like fun!