Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Callie slept through the night last night! (10pm-6:45am when Noah went in and woke her up)...almost 9 hours. Hallelujah. Dave has a sore throat today and is not feeling all that great. He decided to run to Meijer anyway to go get stuff for biscuits and gravy. Meanwhile, I am typing this and starting laundry. It's pretty quiet...which usually means trouble. I just went to go check on Noah...He has put himself back to bed. Figures. After waking us all up at 6:45 this morning, the little squirt decides that he is still tired. Pretty cute though to see him all tucked into bed by himself. (5 minutes later) It didn't last. He's up and about again.


Ann said...

Yipee!!! Sleep is awesome!!!

Laura said...

yeah for sleeping babies ;)
that is cute about noah...is he in a toddler bed and do well with staying in it?