Sunday, May 4, 2008

Proud to be an American

After church this morning, I was stuck in the McDonald's parking lot trying to turn out when I saw a really cool thing. It was actually a family from our church in the turn lane ahead of me. Their van had broken down, and the dad hopped out to try and push it. From my viewpoint, I saw a military hummer a few cars behind. All of a sudden, these two men clad in military gear came out of the hummer and ran marching style and helped him push the van the rest of the way. The poor man pushing had been making some progress. However, when these two men came...the van "flew". I sat back almost with tears in my eyes. I am proud to have men like that fighting on our side.

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Emily said...

Did you know that the "man" was Dean Lingley? Doesn't it make the story even better?!