Sunday, May 4, 2008

Garage Sale!

Well, we participated in the annual neighborhood garage sale again this year. We sold off a lot of stuff and made a good portion of the new patio set that we want to purchase this summer. We sold off a few of Noah's older toys. With his birthday coming up, we had to make a little bit of space. Most of them had come from a garage sale anyway...they just returned. :-) We took the rest to Goodwill with the exception of a few items that I might try for next year again. Most of it I just wanted gone. It felt good to purge. :-)

AND...I hit the goldmine garage sale! I found girls clothes for a quarter to 50 cents. PLUS I bought a whole bunch of socks for .05 cents. It was great! I just kept piling things up on this woman's table. They were nice things too. FINALLY! Even better, the y had a lot of 3-6 months. That's what I needed in sleepers and I found some, so I'm thrilled.

It was a busy day yesterday. A lot of our friends popped in, which was really fun to see them. I hung with my friend Emily for a bit in the afternoon as the garage sale was winding down. After a brief rest time (for Dave, Callie, and Noah) we headed out to River's birthday party bash. LOTS of 2 year old boys running around. It was a lot of fun. Then we stopped by Walmart to order Noah's cake for his party next week. We wanted Bob the Builder since that is what he is totally into right now. They didn't have that, so we opted for a tonka truck themed cake. He likes trucks too. Afterwards, we met up with our friends Dan and Darlene (who came to our house so we could put kids to bed) and hung out with them for a little bit. Dan has been at the police academy for awhile, and just graduated, so we hadn't seen much of them for awhile. It was nice to hang out, but I was so tired, I'm pretty sure I wasn't making much sense.

Callie who has been doing AMAZING sleeping (6-7 hours a stretch) was back to being awake every 3 last night, with Noah getting up in between. My body wasn't used to it so I am dragging a bit this morning. I am hoping that we can go back to the awesome sleep schedule that we were on. Pretty please Callie.

Well, I'm off to get ready for church and to pick up the house AGAIN.

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