Sunday, May 18, 2008


Dave had a little talk with Noah this morning about sharing his toys. It did some good it seemed because he was very kind to the other kids in Sunday School. He's also good at sharing germs. I now have his nasty virus: 104 temp, scratchy throat, inability to move, alternating hot/cold. The kids are both in bed at 8 tonight, and I am on my way. Thanks to Dave who pitched in a lot so that I could lay down this afternoon.


Laura said...

Father, I just ask In Jesus' Name right now that Your healing hand would be upon Kim. Give her peace and comfort and complete healing and energy that she may be back to her normal self. Surround them with Your love and I ask that there would be a supernatural peace upon the kids while she is recooping. Surround their home with Your angels...In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.

Ann said...

Oh man...some things aren't for sharing, Noah!

I pray you get better quickly!