Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Fun

Perhaps I should try and write something not pertaining to David Cook. :-)

It's been another crazy week. I've had some extra doctor's appointments that creeped up among other things.

Friday, we went shopping at the mall. Dave actually bought clothes for himself! He hates shopping, and I have been nagging him a little bit about getting at least one new pair of shorts this season (his favorite ones are getting pretty ratty). Once he got going, he went! He bought 3 pairs of shorts, and 2 shirts (that could be worn for either work or play). Go honey. We then went out to TGIFridays where we saw our friends Jonelly and Abby and thier crew. It was fun bumping into them randomly in the community.

This morning we went to our neighbor's 1st birthday party. Noah likes playing with her older sisters. We tried getting him to take a nap afterwards, but he refused. So, we went ahead and tried the carnival at the mall. Yep, we are small town Indiana. There was a mini-carnival set up outside our mall.

So, Noah went on his first rides and it was pretty fun. :-) I biffed it going down the big slide with him and completely wiped out at the end, landing flat on my back. Yep...that was fun. Noah, of course, crashed hard when we left at 5pm.

It's been an unexpected, but fun day spent as a family. We were supposed to have a friend of mine and her husband come for the weekend, but she got really sick and they didn't come. We still managed to have a really nice day. Thanks God for the beautiful day to enjoy. :-)


mjvan said...

Is Noah having fun on this ride? Dave sure looks like he is. :)

Laura said...

awww, what a cute picture....we love go carts! makes me want to go find some now ;)
we too were supposed to have some friends over tonite but they got sick so instead we went and ate supper with grampa doc and that was fun too....

The Rockstar said...

Cute photo! :)

Two things:
1. I like reading about David Cook!! :)
2. We saw you are Chilis. :)