Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Season Finales

After a long awaited come back due to the writer's strikes, prime time television finally came back to grace us with its dramatic presence. In our house that means: Bones and House. The season finale's last night were both a bit much for my system. If you have not seen them and are planning to, I urge you to not read further.

Bones: I missed the first 20 minutes of Bones and came in after knowing Booth was already alive. Upon re-watching it online, I didn't have the same emotions that I would have felt if I had been there from the first. Losing Zach, who I feel is one of the greater duos with Hodgins is really sad. He brought such a fun level of genius but was unbelievably awkward in social situations...which I thought to be very entertaining. I was actually really saddened that they made him out to be Gormogan's apprentice. He has such a sweet nature. I never envisioned him as a killer.

House: A great episode. It only took 4 seasons for House to show some emotion. I hated that someone had to die at the end though. Despite the fact that it wasn't a super main character, it was still pretty sad. This season has been tumultuous for me anyway because I really liked the original team and have had a hard time adapting to the new team. It's been even more confusing seeing Chase and Cameron still around. It's all been a bit befuddling. We'll see what next season has to offer.

And then of course there is American Idol...I am totally rooting for David Cook. He has a lot more poise and presence and seems to be a generally great guy. I think Archuleta is good too, but he'll probably get a record deal regardless. It should be an interesting finale. I may even stay up to watch the results (I usually have been just checking them online the next day).

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Though, I am slightly nervous that David A has a larger teeny bopper fan base.