Thursday, September 20, 2007


I suppose I can update...

Noah is doing well. He played with Abby and Rocky last night while Dave and I went out on a date. He watched Rocky's flag football game and was apparently really into it. He had his own ball and would run up and down the sidelines yelling, "ball" over and over. What a funny kid.
We have an awesome lifegroup and God continues to do cool things through it. I pretty much just stand back in awe and have to say, "You are so worthy God!". We are all hanging out on Saturday morning and then going to Learning to Minister Like Jesus at church...which is a prayer training that our church offers. Noah gets to hang with his buddy River on lifegroup days. They are 2 weeks apart and are learning to play really well together. It's pretty cute.

I got a massage on Wednesday to help with my was WONDERFUL...probably one of the better ones that I have ever received. It was just super nice to relax and just be for an hour. When I came home, Dave had somehow gotten Noah to take a nap in his big boy bed. It was his first time sleeping there. We are not sure now when we are going to transition him. We were thinking December, but we might start with naps and if that goes well, maybe we'll transition him sooner.
In our spare time, Dave and I have been watching season 2 of Bones. We are getting pretty into it. I love how the characters amuses me. The new season starts next week.
My house has all but gone to pot though...I should really spend the morning picking up and cleaning. I'm sure Noah will "help" me. I think I am starting to get enough energy again to keep up with the its a matter of just doing it. I'm meeting with Leah at 11:30 I need to get hopping if I hope to get it done. Have an awesome day!

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