Friday, September 14, 2007


Dave was really pleased when he saw that we had done the first coat of has motivated him to finish the room. He is now finished with the wall and is doing the trim. We got a call today saying that Noah's bed had come in. It sounds like we might actually pick that up tonight and get it in there. Dave's parents and his brother are coming tomorrow night. Hopefully, the room will be done so that they can see the finished product. (As soon as its not a paint zone, I will try to take pics and post them).

Last night, Summer, Halie, and the girls came over for dinner. I am apparently having a gourmet pregnancy (a far cry from the cream of wheat/chocolate cravings of Noah). So, I made 3 cheese chicken pasta with fresh basil and tomatoes sprinkled on top...using fresh parmesan. Summer complemented me that it was the best meal I have ever cooked (and we have been friends for 4 years now!) That made me really happy. We had a fun time hanging out watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. :-)

This morning, I got adjusted at the chiropractor and then Noah and I hit some garage sales. I wanted to try and find a few more fall clothes for him. Fortunately, I was pretty successful. He has a few nice new tops and a pair of pants. He was a pain though during the whole excursion. He has learned the art of tantrumming. It's driving me crazy! He has a hard time letting go of toys that he plays with while garage sale-ing. We ended up buying a little push mower for a quarter, and I let him walk from garage sale to garage sale with that and that seemed to amuse him. Any parenting tips on defusing a tantrum in public?

We all had family nap time this afternoon....sleeping 2 hours each. I'm beginning to like that Noah is only taking one nap a day, because he usually gets his money worth. Now, Dave is painting, I am cleaning and finishing laundry. We thought about going on a date tonight, but it's now a little late to try and nab a maybe next week sometime. Besides, we need to get his bed today. It will be nice to sit around as a family together without any of us having to run off somewhere this evening.


Mindy said...

Let's see....we just learned about tantrums in my parenting class this week. I say this with a grain of salt because I am not a mom and the only tantrums I have had to defuse are Raya's which aren't too bad. Anyways, you're supposed to basically ignore it, say that you will wait until they can speak in a normal voice and you will talk with them then. Ignoring it shows them that they won't get their way by doing that. Like I said, grain of salt, I'm not a mom, I just regurgitate textbooks.

So, want to pass on that recipe from your dinner? It sounds fantastic!

Ann said...

Dinner sounds yummy! Tantrums...ignore, don't give in, remove if necessary!