Sunday, September 9, 2007

Family Fun

Dave worked all day yesterday. :-( So, instead of sitting at home, Noah and I decided to take a mini-road trip. It seemed all sorts of family was in the Kankakee area, so we headed towards home. We went to Dave's family's side first. We got to play with Noah's cousin, Tyler and Mike and Laura. It was nice to visit with Laura as she is pregnant too (28 weeks along). We had a nice chance to chat and catch up. After lunch and nap, we headed up to see my family (30 min drive). My step-sister was there with her two kids who love playing with Noah. So, we went to to the park and played outside and had a grand old time. My dad fixed this savory chicken on the charcoal grill. He brined it with garlic and rosemary...mmmmmmm it was SO good. I love it when he cooks. He is masterful.
We had to leave shortly after dinner because we lose an hour coming back. We saw Dave briefly last night. Enough for Noah to jump in his arms and fall back asleep again.
This morning, we had church...and I had my first break week from teaching. We went to the first service with Abby and Rocky and then Rocky and Dave went off and did manly things at Menards, while Abby and I stuck it out at the church for a little while. By manly things, I mean getting tools at Menards to hang the outdoor sign to the church office. Abby, Noah, and I sat and cheered them on. Noah "helped" by stealing the anchors and trying to "drill". After this project was done, we had a very quick lunch at Fazolis and then Abby and Rocky went home and Dave went back to church to tear down.
We got home around 2pm and all promptly fell asleep. It's now shortly after 4 and we are all awake (barely). Noah is in a fantastic mood (a 2.5 hour nap does wonders) and is chasing the dog laughing. The football game is on. Life is good.


Mindy said...

sounds like a fantastic day! I love the spontaneous road trips. I took a nice long nap after church today too, there's nothing better than the sunday afternoon nap.

Ann said...

It does sound like a great day! That's cool that Noah and baby will have a pair of cousins close to both of their ages to play with :)