Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The irony about Sunday's blog is that yesterday was a complete wash. He took a nap in his crib only because he fought me tooth and nail about it. (Sunday's really screw up our schedule with church...so it generally makes the start of the week a little rough as we regain routine). Last night he slept in the big boy bed, but we battled it out again. I finally had to whip out some super nanny tactics, and thankfully they worked. I love that woman. She is brilliant!

So...I promised spirtual thoughts, but perhaps I may just share some spiritual experiences. Lately, God has been moving in really cool ways through our church. A lot of the leaders are noticing that things are happening...people's prayers are changing, people are really being affected by the holy spirit, and lives are changing...but it seems like its on a grander scale. My lifegroup is amazing. People continue to surprise me as we do prayer time and I have seen God moving in the lives of our lifegroup....Mine included. I have finally started to discipline myself in my quiet times. I am not allowing myself to turn on the computer or the TV until I spend some time with Jesus...It is working. It's so nice to start my day on the right foot and I feel so much more productive this way. The result is feeling much more connected to the Lord...and I love it.

This morning, I am busy cleaning. Noah, Chester, and I are all working each others nerves, and I feel an outing later this afternoon is in order. We didn't get out much yesterday and I think we are all feeling it. Noah is generally a good helper...this morning however, has been most trying. He means well...its just hard for me to redo everything 3 times when I barely find enough time to do it once. I think after we all take naps, maybe we will all be in better moods.

Well, off to go vacuum and then put my kiddo down for his nap.

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