Monday, September 10, 2007

Grrrrrrrr Van

Our van has been making a funny noise when we veer right. It is very consistent when it does it on the curve by our house. It has also done it other places as well...except for when we actually WANT it to make the noise. We took it in last week to try and have it looked at while we were still under warranty. Dave turned and tried and he couldn't make it do it so the guy could hear it. We left defeated, but as soon as we took the curve by our house, it made the sound again.
I was determined to have this fixed while still under warranty (we had about 100 miles left). So, this morning, we tried again. Noah and I waited about an hour and then we took it out with the mechanic. We even pre-scoped out some curves that might have done dice. We must have tried 5-6 times and NOTHING. There is nothing more irritating then having this happen not once, but twice. The guy was sympathetic and reported that there was an issue so that it would still be covered under warranty if it got worse. Not kidding, as soon as we hit our subdivision, it happened...twice. The only problem is, our house is about a 10 minute drive from the if we wanted someone to come all the way out here so that they could actually HEAR it, it might take some enticing. However, that is our next plan. I need a week or so to gear up for it again. Maybe next week, we'll try again...this time on home turf and see what happens. In the meantime, all I have to say is GRRRRRRRRR!


the rockstar said...

I do believe a situation like that is one of the most annoying ones possible. I have had things like that happen with the Blazer, and it took a little over a month this last time to figure it out. GRRRRR

Ann said...

I think you should make them drive home with you!