Sunday, September 2, 2007


So this morning started with me in a really bad funk about having to teach again. Not sure why I was in it besides the fact that I feel really burnt out and it makes for a very long day. Anyway, I knew that I needed an attitude check, so I started listening to worship on the way there. When I got there, I pulled Darlene, the other teacher aside and had her pray for me. It really helped jump me into gear. I also received prayer from Sarah, our children's pastor...and some really positive encouragement from Tony, our pastor. Through all of this, I really felt God working on my heart and softening it to the task ahead. Children's church went really well, although we only had 3 kids. I think they all got the concept of the lesson...we talked about Lazarus dying and raising again from the dead. We then had a celebration with cupcakes to celebrate the miracle of Lazarus coming back from the dead. Then we wrapped Henry in toilet paper and made him was pretty cute.
The other great part was, Dave and I swapped Noah at the clinic where he took Noah home after his shift and they both caught a morning nap. This way, we bought a little more time at church (and the picnic afterwards). It worked great. After church, we had a church picnic. It was really great to get outdoors and let the kids play and for me to chat with others.
When we got home, we were ALL exhausted and took nice long naps. Now, I am trying my hand at this cooking thing by making ham and homemade macaroni and cheese...we'll see how it turns out. Dave may put another layer of paint on if he gets ambitious. Other than that, I think we're all planning on laying low this evening.

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