Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amazing Friends

I have great friends. As I am typing this, Jonell and Sheena are painting the last wall of Noah's room. I helped with taping, but the actual painting is not good for the I am not really allowed back there. They are such good sports. See, Dave HATES painting. He's also been really really busy with work, general maintenance of the house, and getting the rest he needs. So, Noah's room is almost, but not quite finished. Anyway, I sent out an email to my lifegroup somewhat last minute to see if anyone was interested in helping me paint to surprise Dave. (He has no idea this is happening right now). Jonelly and Sheena both volunteered. I happily bought the girl's pizza and made cupcakes to celebrate Jonell's birthday...which is today, although her party is on Saturday. I have a hard time asking for help and receiving I feel honored and undeserving when friends give up an evening like this to paint my son's room. Sheena is even new to our lifegroup and offered to come over. It has been great getting to know her through this though.

Later- Room is finished with 1st coat...and looks great! Becky Wellner came over with River and we all sat around and talked and hung out while the boys caused chaos with each other. They are 2 weeks apart and actually play pretty well together...with the occasional possessive streak breaking through.

Everyone just left, I'm getting ready to head to bed...very thankful for these friends and a delightful and productive evening. Hopefully Dave will be pleasantly surprised as well. :-)


Mindy said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait to see what Noah's room looks like. I'm sure Dave was pleasantly surprised.

Ann said...