Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time...what little there is

Callie will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Somedays, I feel that she has been with us forever. Others, I feel like where has the time gone??? Wasn't she just born? Since I am short on time...Here are the highlights:

-Laundry does not do itself
-The Furminator is the best pet brush EVER...we have gotten literally small animals worth of hair out of the dog/cat. I recommend it to any pet owner. You're welcome.
-We're back to leading lifegroup after a nice month long hiatus.
-Dave is almost finished with his bookshelves, and then I am gearing up for our neighborhood garage sale on May 3. I must be crazy to do this, but I am anxious to purge.
-Noah turns 2 on May 14...again...where has the time gone?
-Dave and I are going on a date tonight (with Callie...minus Noah) thanks to Kauffman.
-It's too nice outside to clean house...I would love to hire a maid...if we had the money. :-)
-We have great friends and family who have showered us with super cute girl clothes...thanks everyone!!!
-Noah loves being outside and riding his "bike".

Well, that about sums us up.


Tiffany said...

Will there be a 3 week Callie picture? Pretty, pretty please?

Laura said...

i told you i was sending clothes...and i still am but just wondering what exactly you need the most for her?

Ann said...

Too true! I'm saying the same thing...though it's losing teeth and Kindergarten roundup :) And our cleaning person is the best $$ to come out of my paycheck...