Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, we have hit some garage sales yesterday and today. I was able to start the girl wardrobe. The prices were not as low as I would have hoped, but they were still reasonable. Callie now has some sleepers for the winter and a few other outfits.

Our girl is quite the eater. She was born 7lbs, 7oz. She lost weight at the hospital, leaving at an even 7lbs. 2 weeks later at our check up she is up to 8lbs, 5oz. What a little piglet! I've definitely noticed her filling out a little more. I don't mind a healthy eater. Noah was so hard to get going, and Callie just took to it so naturally.

She's been asleep most of the day today, that might make for an interesting night. We haven't had too bad of nights. I have been able to sneak in some 4 hour stretches here and there. I even took a nap today...which was wonderful.

We just put Noah to bed and are watching Remember the Titans. Then, off to bed. :-)


Ann said...

Here's prayers for a good sleep night!

Sally Parmenter said...

She's beautiful!