Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cook-in Yenerich Style

Well, last night we hosted the set up/tear down team from church and a handful of college students who are leaving for the summer to a cookout at our house. Since it rained most of the evening, it became more of an indoor affair. We still had a lot of fun (in my opinion). Lot's of good food, games of euchre, and Noah had a blast playing with everyone. I love doing this kind of stuff...especially for the college students. Someday, when Dave and I upgrade houses, I would love to explore the possibilities in West Lafayette so we can have a home base close to campus where students can come when they need a break and a home cooked meal(Only on the nights that Dave is home...Don't expect any wonders from me).

With Noah and Callie asleep, I am going to sneak out to the garage and start pricing garage sale stuff. It will be a busy rest of the week.

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