Tuesday, April 29, 2008


When I was opening up a garbage bag filled with garage sale stuff to sort through today...I was met with a surprise. Apparently a family of mice had taken up residence. SICK! After screaming and running in to tell Dave (who replied, "Well just pick it up and get rid of it"...thinking it was dead...AS IF I would have done that anyway. He's the man for crying out loud). Once he realized that he was not going to get out of it, he came and helped me corral...yes 3 baby mice. We then found the momma with another baby. That took the longest. The vet in Dave would not let him kill the silly things (frankly I didn't want them dead either...nor did I want them in my garage). He caught them and took them out to a field and freed them. How very humane of him. I spent the rest of the day cleaning my garage because I am convinced that they infested everything (they probably didn't...but I am still going to clean it like they had...ick). That made my garage sale set up go a little slower today. Thankfully, Noah spent a good portion of the afternoon at my neighbors playing with her 2 kids. He (fortunately) slept through the mice incident. Yuck yuck yuck.


Ann said...

If it makes you feel better, our house in Ithaca had problems with them IN the house! The garage door had a large hole, and the garage was directly under the kitchen, so the field mice would move in through the heating ducts. I was humane and used live traps and dropped the mice off at a cemetary on my way to work...until the buggers figured out how to get out of the trap! That was war, I broke out the D-con (in the garage), and voila, no more mice :)

Laura said...

you do so much better than me....i'm afraid we go the d-con route ;(

Kelsey said...

When I lived in Bloomington, we found a nest of 5 baby mice behind our refrigerator--we trapped them under box lids and drowned them in the pond behind the house. I wanted to set them free in a field but my room mate and our team mate who came to help us catch them wouldn't hear of it. We couldn't bring ourselves to hit them, so...yuck is right.