Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 4

So, last night was a little better. We went every 2 hours through the night, but atleast she slept in between. It's a starting point. Today, we had a chiropractor appt and Callie's first doctor's appt. We also had to make some exchanges (boy for girl clothes) at a few stores. It was a busy day and when Dave and I got home, we were pooped. Noah still loves Callie and always wants to hold her while watching his cartoons. He is getting much better at saying her name too. I have finally started her baby book (now that it's pink instead of blue). It's tedious trying to go through and write everything. I'll have to keep going back to it. I got a bit overwhelmed tonight, so I had to put it down. We're getting Callie's room put together (getting rid of the blue and making room for the pink) with many thanks to Dave's mom who has been invaluable to us this week. I'm going to feed her soon and then hopefully we will all go to bed early tonight...and stay asleep for atleast 2 hours (maybe 3...if I'm lucky!) at a time.


mjvan said...

Hang in there! Hope you get some longer stretches of sleep tonight!

Melinda said...

Missing you and praying for you. Revel in these days, my friend. Love, love.