Monday, April 28, 2008

Fluid Inventory

Let's take a brief look at the various fluids that are swarming our house: (Jonelly, this might be a bit much for you...fair warning)

1) The general poopy/wet diapers (biapers as Noah likes to call them) from both kids
2) Snot: From everyone. Dave and I both have runny noses. Noah's nose is runny...and yes, now poor Callie seems to be getting congested.
3) Spit up: Callie juices herself, me, and various other things multiple times a day.
4) Drool- Noah is cutting his two year molars. He sticks his hand in his mouth and drools on it, then tries to hug me or touch eyes or any other body part that he wants to label at that moment.

These all seem to come in projectile form and inevitably aimed at me. Today, I feel like I should shower every half hour. We're trying to teach Noah to cover his mouth when he coughs, but alas he usually gets a good lugie flung at me before he remembers to do it. I'm pretty used to Callie juice-ing me and have hit the point where I don't always change my shirt afterwards. Is that gross? Well, if it is, and you want to come over and do a load of my laundry, be my guest.

I feel bad for Noah. It's clear he doesn't feel the greatest (he went down for a super early nap today because he asked..."Night night???". Sure, can go night night. Who am I to argue with that?) So, everyone here is snoozing, except me. My "to do" list knows no bounds.

Noah just woke up in a much better mood...better see to getting him some lunch and continue with my "to do" list.



The Rockstar said...

Well, I was warned. :)

Laura said...

sounds so familiar! we were at that point a couple wks ago....although lil miss ellie spit up in my pretty hair yesterday that i had actually taken the time to do...go figure...of all the days ;)

Ann said...

Yup, sounds like life with 2 under 2 :) And you kindly omitted all the other fluids that were eminating from me at about 3 weeks post partum...a shower once an hour would have been great :)

Kelsey said...

This post has done wonders for making me willing to wait for babies. :)