Thursday, April 3, 2008

Notes from the underbelly

You know we've come a long way in technology when one can actually live blog their labor experiences WHILE in labor. :-) That's where we are at. We checked in this morning expecting to be here a good chunk of the day. We brought plenty of books and movies. However after breaking my water at 8am they are now hurrying around as he is expected sometime around noon. We'll see what actually happens though. So far things are fairly uneventful which is really what we like. At this point I'm feeling good and can't really complain. But, as I say this another contraction starts.


The Rockstar said...


Let us know when we are free to come to the hospital. I could swing by after work later tonight if you are up for it.

Laura said...

i can't believe yer blogging while in labor!!! did you get an epidural?
we're still praying! can't wait to meet the lil guy!

Kelsey said...

YES! He's coming! He's coming! You know, by the time I'm writing this, I'm sure he's here!

The Rockstar said...

I hear is a GIRL?! I can exchange your blanket for a pink one if you would like! :) Though, I think the colors will be gender neutral if I remember correctly.