Friday, April 18, 2008

Catch up

Frankly, I've been too tired to even think about blogging. However, I will do my best to provide a quick catch-up in the Yenerich household:

Dave was home the last few days so we have had a lot of fun family time. Dave took Noah swimming Tuesday/Thursday while Callie and I watched. Callie mostly slept, but I enjoyed watching them swim (and was a little envious...I'm anxious to get back into the water). Wednesday, we went with Summer and Lillie down to the Indianapolis Zoo. It was Callie's first time there (clearly), but she mostly slept through it (I know...big shocker). It was such a beautiful day that we couldn't resist. Although the kids were all exhausted on our way back (me too), it was still a really fun day.

Callie is hit and miss in terms of sleeping. Tuesday night she was awake every 1.5-2 hours while yesterday she slept 4, ate, then another 4. I'm hoping for another repeat of last night. I can handle that.

It was funny hearing about the earthquake because as parents of another newborn, we were both zonked and didn't even feel it. For me, that is quite a feat. I hear everything and 20 minutes after this alleged earthquake, Callie woke up and needed to eat. Up to that point, I must have been out cold though. I'm a little bummed that I "missed" it. Oh well...guess I'll just wait another 20 years until the next one...

My friend Melinda came down on Thursday and we had a really nice visit. She is one of those friends that sometimes we can chat about EVERYTHING, and sometimes silence is OK. This last visit, we didn't have much to chat about (or process), but it was a lovely visit none-the-less. It's nice to have a mix of both really. I'm so glad that she was able to make the trip and to meet Callie.

Right now, I have laundry going, dishwasher going, baby einstein on for Noah, Callie asleep in the swing, and a desperate desire to take a bath and fall into bed myself. Dave is at work tonight, so I will probably put the kids to bed, and follow shortly after.

Whew...update done. Mark that off my list. :-)


Kelsey said...

Praying that you get some good rest and some good Jesus time!

Laura said...

praying for you friend.....