Monday, July 30, 2007

We're Heeeerrre!

Yep, we made it! Noah threw up 3 times along the course of our drive, but beyond that did surprisingly well on the trip. We pit-stopped at my grandma's house on the way. It was really nice to see her although she made enough food to feed a mid-size army! Have mercy! She is full-blooded Polish (picture "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" only Polish). She was upset when we barely made a dent in the (yes) 2 main courses, a huge bowl of potatoes and a green bean casserole...for 3 people. :-) I love her though and we have come to expect and even admire this about her.

We arrived at the cabin Sunday evening...We spent today settling in. We had 2 minor mishaps that we needed to tend to...The brake pads on the van were down to the nubs and badly needed to be replaced (we noticed the grinding only when we added the jet skis to the back). Secondly, one of the jet skis is out of commission...not sure why, but it's broke.

We have taken a few pontoon rides...Noah loves driving! Spent part of the day cleaning out the pontoon, and have enjoyed spending time with Dave's family (His parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle).

Tomorrow, we are planning on going to the stock car races in the evening and on Wednesday to the traditional ski show that we see every year (but really enjoy). Dave and I are both feeling more relaxed and are enjoying just being with one another...the sweetness that comes with rest and getting away.

Thank You Jesus for rest and relaxation and that you built them into our lives for a purpose.


Mindy said...

Sounds so nice and relaxing! Bummer that Noah threw up a few times on the car trip, but it sounds like your Grandma is great! Enjoy vacation!

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you and Dave are able to spend time together. It sure is nice, isn't it?! :) Your vacation sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear more about it!

Ann said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Here's hoping Noah outgrows the motion sickness soon!